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Fish Market in Vernon, CT

Meat Market Manchester, CT When the residents of Vernon, CT, Manchester, CT and Ellington, CT want the freshest of seafood and meat, they can rely on Charlie’s Fresh Catch, the best fish and meat market in town! Charlie’s Fresh Catch operates with the goal of providing the local area with the best in seafood and meat at the most competitive prices. Their selection simply cannot be beat and is consistently expanding and rotating with the in-season catches.

All the seafood and meat is hand selected and prepared by our owner, Charlie Ballard. An expert meat cutter in the industry for over 30 years, Ballard is proud to offer the community a place to find the very freshest seafood and meats.  

In addition to being a fish market, Charlie’s Fresh Catch also offers customers an option to order a prepared lunch or dinner. Order a meal to sample the same fish and meats you’ll find in the market, or if you just love seafood and don’t want to prepare it yourself.

A Fish Market Unlike Any Other

The two best things to expect at a local Connecticut fish market are fresh catches and a wide variety of products. We have both of those at our fish market! When you want the best selection of seafood in the Manchester, CT region, visit Charlie's Fresh Catch!

Charlie’s Fresh Catch offers the community all of their favorite delectable seafood selections that can't be found at typical supermarkets. We have fresh deliveries to our fish market daily, so as to provide you with the highest and healthiest quality food we can. Among our display cases you'll find huge lobster, delicious oysters and clams, locally sourced trout and more! We are a fish market unlike any other.

Any seafood lover will tell you, there’s nothing quite like taking a bite of a fresh and perfectly prepared piece of fish, no matter if it’s salmon or haddock. When it’s fresh, it makes all the difference in the world. The same goes for clams, shrimp and mussels. 

Fish Market Ellington, CT When you visit the fish market and you see something new you’d like to try, ask one of the friendly staff for advice on how to best prepare it. Our experts are more than happy to give you advice on best preservation and preparation methods, as well as great food and wine pairings! Think of our fish market as a resource center! We'll provide you all the ingredients as well as everything you could ever want to know about seafood preparation.

You don’t need to be an expert to prepare seafood, its preparation often just requires certain methods. If wrapped properly, fresh fish can be stored for about two days in your refrigerator; other seafood like clams can be stored up to 10 days. If you cannot cook your seafood within that time frame it’s best to ask your fishmonger for their advice on freezing.

Offering a Full Service Meat Market!

Charlie’s Fresh Catch is also a meat market that has you covered when you need fresh meats. They carry beef, lamb, pork and chicken, in addition to homemade sausage and burgers, making them your one-stop-shop. When you’re looking for a juicy cut of beef for a special dinner or you want to cook up your family’s favorite pork chop recipe, Charlie’s Fresh Catch has exactly what you need.

Meat lovers are no different from seafood lovers. When a steak, pork chop or cut of veal is fresh, it makes all the difference. When you start with the freshest of ingredients from a quality meat market, you build a better meal that just tastes better.

Feel free to ask the butcher about certain meats and how to best prepare them so their unique flavors shine through. Whether you’re cooking on the grill or oven, they can advise you on how to go about achieving the best results.

Meat Market Vernon, CT

If you’re a fan of surf and turf, Charlie’s Fresh Catch is the obvious choice to pick up the showstoppers of that meal. And because of the variety at Charlie’s you’re sure to find plenty of meat and seafood combinations to try out. From a T-bone and shrimp to filet mignon and lobster tail, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re in the mood for.

Stop in today!

Charlie’s Fresh Catch is conveniently located in Vernon, at 94 Hartford Tnpk., Vernon, CT 06066 in the former Joe’s Fresh Seafood location.  They are perfectly situated to serve Vernon, Manchester, CT and Ellington, CT with their services. The meat and fish market is open 7 days a week for your convenience. Stop in today!

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We are a fish market and meat market serving the Manchester, Ellington and Vernon, CT areas with fresh seafood, local seafood, and the best meats. We provide meat and all sorts of seafood products at the best prices. You'll find the best lobster, oysters, clams, veal, beef, pork, trout, and more at our fish and meat market!

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